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A simpler way to receive and send money with just a mobile number, NRIC/FIN, or Unique Entity Number (UEN)

Our LiquidPay app is getting a revamp to become your go-to e-wallet for global money remittance services and QR payments with the markets best offered exchange rates. 

Highlights of the new key features: 

  • Local Transfers via PayNow 
  • QR payments accepted at all PayNow merchants and most hawkers locally 
  • Cross-Border remittance* 
  • QR payments overseas* 

*coming soon 

What Is Liquid Account?

Liquid Account is a new feature in your LiquidPay app that enables easy top-ups and instant, secure transfers of funds between your account and other PayNow participating banks or NFI e-wallets using mobile number, NRIC/FIN, UEN number, or Virtual Payment Address (VPA). 

What Is PayNow?

PayNow is a fast and convenient electronic transfer service in Singapore offered by 9 participating banks and 4 non-bank financial institutions (NFIs).

It enables instant money transfers to other PayNow users using their mobile number, NRIC/FIN, UEN number, or Virtual Payment Address (VPA).  

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Why PayNow?

Top up and transfer anytime:
PayNow is free for consumers, instant, and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

You don’t need to enter card
or bank details.

Safety first.
Transact securely with your preferred banking app or NFI e-wallet.

Participating Singapore Banks and NFIs

How It Works?



  • Step 1 : Login to your preferred banking app and select the PayNow option.
  • Step 2 : Select PayNow to VPA (Virtual Payment Address).
  • Step 3 : Enter your full LiquidPay VPA: [+country code](mobile number)#XNAP
  • Step 4 : Check that the Recipient’s Nickname is correct.
  • Step 5 : Enter the amount you wish to top up.
  • Step 6 : Confirm your transfer. Your top-up should be reflected on your LiquidPay app within 30 seconds.

  • Step 1 : Select “Transfer”.
  • Step 2 : Select “PayNow to Mobile” to pay to individuals or “PayNow to UEN” to pay to businesses.
  • Step 3 : Select the payment app with the payee’s account you wish to transfer to.
  • Step 4 : Select “Confirm” to complete transaction.

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What is a VPA or virtual payment address?

A virtual payment address, or VPA, is an identifier used by the non-bank financial institutions that can be uniquely mapped to an individual account.

Your VPA with LiquidPay will always have the following format: 

+(Country Code)(mobile number)#XNAP. For example, +6591234567#XNAP

You can link your VPA to your LiquidPay app to start sending and receiving funds via PayNow.

How is it different from existing PayNow?

The NRIC/FIN, Mobile Numbers and UENs used by banks to allow users to link their preferred bank account to PayNow. 

VPAs are used by non-bank financial institutions (NFIs) to allow users to link their e-wallets, such as Liquid Account, to PayNow.

Can I have both PayNow bank account and PayNow e-wallet?

Yes. You can continue to use NRIC/FIN, Mobile Numbers, or UENs with your existing bank account, while simultaneously holding PayNow e-wallets offered by the non-bank financial institutions (NFIs). It is also possible for you to have multiple PayNow e-wallets by the various NFIs, as each e-wallet will be differentiated by an unique VPA depending on the entity offering the e-wallet.

How do I activate PayNow on my Liquid Account?

You can activate your account for PayNow after completing a consumer verification process via MyInfo.

How do I top up via PayNow?

You will be able to top up your Liquid Account using your preferred bank app after activating PayNow on your Liquid Account.

Are there any charges for using PayNow to send money and receive money via Liquid Pay?

There are no charges imposed for using PayNow at the moment, it is free to use.

Who should I contact if I’m having issues?

Please contact your bank directly for issues with PayNow on your bank app. Please email for issues on our LiquidPayapp.